Deltaflash originally started out life in 1976 as a games shop where it was activily involved with selling, calibrating and repairing fire arms. As the demand for this line of sport slowly decreased it set its sights on moving in 1992 and supplying high quality fishing gear and has done this successfully since it was established at its current premises.

The premises is located in Ferryhill an old mining village within County Durham, proximally 10 miles south of Durham City Centre. Within Ferryhill it is located proximally ¼ of a mile out of the village centre. Follow the road down to Ferryhill Station, and it is situated on the right hand side next to the “Broom Fish Bar” with off the road parking.

In March 2009 an article was printed in the “Tackle and Gun Trade” Magazine by their secret shopper, we were very surprised and pleased that we had awarded it the “shop of the month” the comments from this article can be found below.

From the comments which made in this Magazine, the front of the shop has been refurbished so it is a lot more recognisable for passing vehicles and customers.

The company also has an active involvement in the local fishing community and is a supporter of the Ferryhill District Angling Club.

Tackle and Gun Secret Shoppers comments

 First Impressions

This was a odd one and from the outside it didn’t look good. Set, rather incongruously, in a large, well-maintained council estate, this shop looked tiny. The window displays gave the game away as there was no sign to tell you that you were in the right place. Easy, free parking helped things along, though.

 Step Inside  

Excellent, I received a very warm welcome as soon as I stepped through the door – just the right balance between being eager and giving me the opportunity to browse. This shop was a bit of a revelation as I had thought that it would be only a little larger than a telephone box inside. It was surprisingly spacious.

Stay Clean

Yes it was certainly clean enough and showed in everything about the shop. It was well maintained, clean and bright.

Show It Off

This was all excellent too. The horizontal rod racks were well stocked, with polished rods. The labels were helpful and clear, I guess that in order to fit so much into such a small shop it had to be good and this was.

Help Me

I couldn’t complain about the assistance I received; it was balanced, friendly and well informed. Very good indeed.

 Know Your Stuff?

The consistent things about the tackle and gun trade are the knowledge and enthusiasm of the staff in the shops. They really do know there stuff. I guess these are the trades that need keen and interested people and the couple that own this shop are certainly that.

Pushy Or Pleasing

There were all the usual suspects on display and a few smaller manufacturers’ products. No one brand was shoved in your face and this was another good point – good choice for the customers.

Do I Need This?

Although there plenty of extras to be had they weren’t forced fed, so once again good customer care.

After Sales?

It is refreshing to visit shops that have a sensible and pragmatic approach to after sales. Returning the product to discuss the problems is the best way and, to be honest always has been.

 What’s Happening And Where?

Once again, this followed the trend of knowledge and helpfulness. It was very good indeed. It’s a brilliant local amenity with plenty of help and advice for the local anglers. Excellent.

The best things come in small packages and this was certainly one of those. The only thing you could really fault it on was the signage and the outside of the shop. Thereafter it was all uphill and quit excellent. There was plenty of good tackle and great shop staff packed into this little shop. This is a quality local amenity that should be well used by the angling community. It was a great surprise. Easy, free parking in the road opposite topped off a quality establishment. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit.


Deltaflash a family ran business since 1992